Out of boredom excessive font downloading, I ended up making a layout with myself on the cover, of a nautical/summer inspired layout of a magazine. I would like to thank VSCO for the filter of this photo… lol.


"Dying While Living"

This is the first drawing I did for our first meeting in FSTUD2 last term. Back then, I didn’t know what kind of impression I wanted him to see in me, but he asked me to draw something about “city life” and how it applies to teenagers nowadays. So I drew this.

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A Multimedia Arts Timeline

To all of you amateur and professional multimedia artists and students, here’s a video of Kari Garcia (@karicalamari) and I (@tarynnavarro) introducing to you where all the graphics, design, art and social media craze started. This was our final project for our MMINTRO (Introduction to Multimedia Arts) two terms ago. 

Photos by: Taryn Navarro

Models: Aennon Tabungar, Gio Magno, Kenneth Enriquez

Last January, I attended a dance battle called “Cyper 2013” held at the University of Sto.Tomas together with my teammates. Luckily, I was able to take a few shots of my teammates battling against the yellow-blooded dancers. 

Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran | Choreography by Aennon Tabungar

About two months ago, I helped a good friend out by shooting his first concept video as a choreographer in the field of LA (lyrical), of the song Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran. We did all of this in one day, apparently that includes the organizing and editing of the clips. 

Aennon asked for lots moving angles for his choreography, which turned out to be a little disturbing for me as a dancer (if you want your choreography to be focused on). But as they say, the client is always right.

"See the Signs"

My final plate for FSTUD2 turned out to be okay! It definitely feels good to paint something a lot more complicated than an apple.

December, you’ve been a great start! Like how my crew managed to bag Champion on both divisions for Remix 2013; and how I got myself to draw wolverine without using sticks and circles.

Photos by: Taryn Navarro

Took shots of people who interpreted happy emotions last week for our Photography homework about portraits.