Charie @ 18

I’m dedicating this post to one of my closest college friends ever, Charie! Today, she turns 18, but she’s celebrating her debut next Friday - and I’m privileged to be one of her photographers and her official videographer for her pre-debut shoot. These are just some of the photos I took during our shoot last Sunday at Fort Strip.

I will be posting her pre-debut video some time next week.

Model: Charie Alamer (@chalinbeite)

Photographed/Processed by: Taryn Navarro 

Davao Weekend Getaway | Summer - Calvin Harris

Finally after weeks of delay due to busy schedule, I got the chance to edit Coleen and I’s Davao Trip videos last June 27-28! For two short days, we generously spent our time with the beach, nature and two late-night parties! The trip was definitely one of the books especially that we we also celebrated Coleen’s 18th. We used Go Pro + Hero 3 to film our mini adventures (from the skycycle and zipline)!

I can’t wait for our next trip!


Obviously, I had a hard time thinking of the title, that’s why I ended up with ‘nostalgic’, which isn’t even much of a title. Lol. Anyway, I loved this shoot I did with Team Elite’s Captain, Jp Ponla! This was actually an impromptu shoot, but it ended up great. And finally, I got to add watermarks to my photos!

Model: Jp Ponla (@jpponla)

Photographed/Processed by: Taryn Navarro